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Are you looking for assistance to become a Woman in business?

Northam Women In Business Bursary.

The NWIB Bursary is a one-off payment awarded annually to a successful female applicant who demonstrates a desire, ability and readiness to embark upon or extend a business career or venture, or vocation, with the ultimate aim of achieving self-employment.

The first recipient is awarded $5000, and a runner-up payment of $2000.
To apply, go to northamwib.com.au and follow the links.
Applications run from 28.02.2018 until 31.08.2018.


  • The applicant must be genetically female or transgender living as female.
  • The applicant must reside within the Northam Shire or have lived there within the previous 10 years.
  • The applicant must be either enrolled in a tertiary education facility, AND/OR be enrolled in a traineeship AND/OR have a business plan.
  • A group application will not be accepted.
  • The top 5 applicants will be required to attend an interview with the selection panel in September/October 2018 in Northam.
  • The winner agrees to return to NWIB the following year (2019) at an as of yet-to-be arranged function to present progress and describe how the money has been/is being spent.
  • It is expected that the bursary will be spent on furthering the progress of the applicants ultimate aim of their endeavour.


  • If no applicants meet the approval of the selection panel, it has the right not to award a winner, and to roll the sum over to the following year.
  • The decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • No direct contact with the selection panel, other than the written application is allowed. Advice, however, on the application process, will be available by emailing the contact at NWIB.
  • There are two awards. The first is $5000 and there is a second ‘runner-up’ payment of $2000 awarded.
  • The sum is a one-off payment, gifted at the time of presentation of the winner in October 2018, via a Bendigo Bank account.
  • The first prize winner is offered a business mentorship through Bendigo Bank.
  • The selection panel will consist of one member of Northam Women In Business, a member from the Northam Chamber of Commerce and an employee of the Bendigo Bank of Australia.
  • The applicants must be available for interview, if short-listed, in Northam, in the week of 17th-23rd September 2018.


  • Fill in the attached application form.
  • Attach an essay stating — in 1000 words or less- your vocation plan including your current status with respect to course/ traineeship enrolment (how far through the course), and how this ultimately pertains to a business plan or opportunity;
  • OR detail business plan/ or plan of extension to business. Include how you would propose to use the bursary (the more detail, the better).

Note: the emphasis of this bursary is using the money to further your ultimate aim of achieving self-employment. Applications which include detail of this aim, rather than a nebulous idea, will be more favourably viewed.

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